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Carpets can have a major impact on your home or business; whether they are clean or dirty will reflect on the entire room’s aesthetics. But the frequent foot traffic, spills, and pet accidents can accelerate the deterioration process and ruin the fibers. While frequent vacuuming can help, it won’t be able to remove the dirt and debris that has become embedded within the material. Odors from spills, stains, and accidents are also trapped that cannot be masked for long by “disinfectant” sprays.

But ServiceMaster Restoration Services provides professional carpet cleaning for residential and commercial properties in the Elkhorn, NE area. We can also work with you to schedule regular cleanings and maintain its like-new condition.

Carpet Cleaning in Elkhorn, NE 68802It’s easy to overlook the amount of wear-and-tear your carpets receive on a daily basis. Dirt and debris and who knows what else can be trapped within the fibers for weeks and even months, producing a strong odor over time. Eventually, this will deteriorate the fibers and make the entire room look dated and dirty. But professional cleanings will make the difference between a clean, modern look and an old and dirty appearance.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services, our technicians are licensed and use the hot water extraction method to safely and effectively remove embedded dirt from carpets. This method is safe for all types; hot water and detergent are pushed down within the base of the fibers, and extracted back out along with the debris and odor. This method dries within 24 hours without leaving residue.

All of the following is included within our carpet cleaning services:

  • Free estimates. We will evaluate the condition of your carpets and provide a free estimate.
  • Spot and stain pretreatment. Our commercial are designed to remove tough stains, spots, and embedded dirt from high traffic areas.
  • Hot water extraction. Our cleaning wand applies an effective, yet gentle cleaning solution mixed with hot water onto the carpet fibers to loosen the dirt. The wand then extracts the dirty solution into a storage tank to be emptied off site.
  • Long-term protection. A fabric protector is applied to protect the fibers from additional dirt and stains.
  • Our guarantee. The job isn’t finished until we do a walk-through with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Don’t let the carpets in your home or building give guests or potential clients the wrong impression. Remember that a professional cleaning can make the difference between a fresh and dated room.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services is available at (402)513-8306 in the Elkhorn, NE area to provide professional carpet cleaning for residential and commercial properties.

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