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If your home is affected by a natural disaster, it is inevitable that your personal belongings will sustain damage.  Several types of disasters including floods, fires, mold, and smoke, can cause destruction to your valued possessions, and some of these belongings are also at risk for permanent damage if they are not promptly cleaned and restored.

Widespread damage to your personal items make the aftermath of a disaster more chaotic, but our technicians at ServiceMaster Restoration Services can help restore order with our content cleaning and pack-out services in Omaha, NE.  Our technicians will help you identify your damaged personal items and if they cannot be cleaned within your home, we will provide pack-out services to take the them to our facility.

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Content Cleaning and Restoration

Every home is filled with all types of personal belongings: from clothing, jewelry, and artwork to decorative items, electronics, and various knickknacks.  Many of these items are delicate which means they can sustain considerable damage from a natural disaster.  It is important to set aside your damaged items immediately after a disaster so they can be cleaned and restored as quickly as possible.  Our technicians use advanced cleaning methods and equipment to clean, restore, and deodorize your damaged content.

If the condition of your home allows, we can complete the entire cleaning and restoration of your content right in your home.  If your home is too heavily damaged, ServiceMaster Restoration Services offers complete pack-out services to take your content off site for cleaning and restoration.

Pack-Out Services

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services in Omaha, NE

Sometimes the condition of your home following a disaster is too severe for the content cleaning to take place on-site.  In these cases, our technicians will carefully pack-up your damaged items to take them to our secured, climate-controlled facility.

Our pack-out services include the following steps:

  • Every item is added to our on-site automated inventory system which will track your items through the entire process.
  • A printed copy of the inventory is provided to you for your records.
  • Your content is transferred to our climate-controlled facility for cleaning, restoration, and odor removal.
  • We will store your items until your home is fully restored.
  • Once you are ready, we deliver your items straight to your door.

The damage from a natural disaster seems so much worse when it affects your personal belongings, but we can help resolve the situation with our content cleaning and pack-out services.  Many of your damaged items can be salvaged following a disaster and we use advanced cleaning products and methods to save your items from permanent damage.  You can call ServiceMaster Restoration Services at (402)513-8306 to learn more about our content cleaning and pack-out services in Omaha, NE.

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